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Your destination for all the information you need to plan your next visit to Costa Rica, and to catch incredible fish along the way.

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Hey there, adventure seekers!

My Fishing Costa Rica is for people who love to travel, fish and explore incredible new places, whether you're planning your own fishing trip to Costa Rica or just daydreaming for now.

Planning a trip can be overwhelming at times, especially when all you want to do is catch some incredible fish.  Knowing the best places to go, finding a clean, safe place to stay, and figuring out how to get there can be challenging.  There are so many websites out there.  Luckily for you, you've found us, and we are here to help.

Our passion is finding the most incredible fishing destinations around the world, and our first choice and absolute favorite place is of course, Costa Rica.

Are you an adventure seeker who wants to get off the beaten path?

Or would you rather be close to more conveniences and immerse in the city life?

Whatever your path, we can help you create the absolute perfect travel plans to Costa Rica, and catch incredible fish along the way.

About Ryan & Lauren

Growing up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, Ryan has been fishing since he was 5 years old, where he catches mainly stripers, bluefish and tuna, to name a few.  Ryan is also the founder of My Fishing Cape Cod, as well as a charter captain and a commercial striped bass fisherman.

Lauren grew up far away from fishing, never thinking that some day she would be holding 40 pound striped bass or photographing giant tuna and roosterfish.  Lauren loves photography, cooking, writing, riding horses, hiking and exploring new places.  Lauren & Ryan married in October of 2016, and the rest is history!

Why Costa Rica?

As an avid fisherman, a great fishing destination is always on the "must list" when it comes to planning vacations with Ryan.  Costa Rica is known for it's friendly people, beautiful and untouched jungles and beaches and immense wildlife, so it was an obvious choice to plan our trip there.

After searching the map on Airbnb, we found a little jungle house right on the beach, with absolutely nothing else around it.  We took a chance and booked it, and in December of 2015, we took our first international trip together as a couple to Costa Rica, and immediately fell in love with the country.

We stayed for a month in a jungle/beach house, where we immersed ourselves in the community and caught roosterfish, mackerel, jacks, corbina, snook and snapper right in front of our house.  Further offshore there are sailfish, tuna, and tons of other big game species just waiting to be found.

To spend your days hanging out with monkeys, fishing for giants in the Pacific, reading an entire book cover to cover every week, riding horses along the beach, meeting the greatest people on the planet and drinking fresh coconut water straight from the source, is typical life in Costa Rica, and nothing can quite compare to it.

We have traveled to other places since then, but our minds always wander back to Costa Rica.


We would love to hear from you!

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